On 28th March
we have 2 of our resident dogs (Jasper & Dolly) going to the vets for operations. Jasper has a growth on his leg and Dolly needs a dental. We will let you all know how they get on.

Saturday 17th March

We have a fantastic raffle planned for this Saturday over on our facebook page. The prize consists of a beauty gift set from Flossy Candy, Tesco voucher, toiletries, Doggy doughnuts,treats and toys for your dog.
Tickets £1 each or 6 for £5



We have 2 new resident dogs here at the sanctuary, Dolly & Sherrie.
Please see the sponsorship page for more info.


Our Christmas Theme Online Pet Show is about to start. There will be 5 classes in the show with some beautiful rosettes to be awarded 1st to 3rd place.
Best In Show Winner will receive a fantastic personalised Photo Cushion from Bags of Love.
If you would like to send if your photos, for more details head to the show page on the main menu for details or visit our facebook page @adronlinepetshow



October 2017

Monthly Raffles
We will now be holding little fundraising raffles once a month on our facebook page 
So far we have had some lovely prizes donated by some very kind people.
Prizes have been donated by BE Pet Toys & La La & Belle the Doggy Bakery.
If you would like to enter one of our raffles, please head to our Facebook page on the 4th of every month. Get there early, the tickets go quickly !!!

 October 2017

It has been a very sad time here at the sanctuary as 3 of our long term residents have sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We had to say goodbye to 2 of the cats, Toppy (photo to follow) & Hanz and our lovely little Yorkie Mama.



February 2017

Great news, our little Mindy has just been spayed. The vets also found a small mammary tumour during her examination which was also removed. The timing of Mindy's spay was so lucky. The vets say she had fluid in her womb which, left unidentified, would have lead to her developing pyometra. She coped very well with the operation and having to wear her cone collar (poor girl). She recovered so well and is back enjoying life to the full. She still has a little bald belly which I think she is using as an excuse to get more to get even more tummy tickles than usual.





January 2017


It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you all our dear little Poppy passed away on new years eve. She was diagnosed with kidney failure Christmas 2015 and her prognosis was not at all good. We helped Poppy by giving her fluids under the skin which became more frequent towards the end, but sadly there was no cure for her. Just after Christmas 2016 Poppy started to show real signs of slowing down and she lay on the sofa and didn't really want to move much at all. We took her to the vets new years eve and they said that sadly it was her time to go over the rainbow bridge.

We are so grateful to have had Poppy around for a whole year after diagnosis which is a rare thing. She was still lively and happy right up to the last few days. Thank you so much to our vet for helping us care for Poppy and to all her supporters out there. Run free Pop. xx

December 19th 2016


Well, it's almost Christmas and we are almost prepared. Sadly the amount of sponsorships we have received is down on last year with only 4 out of the resident dogs being sponsored this Christmas :(

Dogs still awaiting sponsorship are Molly, Jasper, Mama, Oscar, Fender, Mindy, Lila, Bambi and Poppy.

The cats still waiting are Bod, Miew 2, Toppy, Lemmy and Hanz.
If you would like to sponsor one of the dogs or cats, please visit our sponsor page

October 2016

This has been a very sad month for all of us here. Sadly we had  to say goodbye to 3 of the resident animals, DC, Leo and Max. Rest in peace little ones and run free over the rainbow bridge. x



 13th September
Amazon Wish list

Such a lovely surprise ?? we received a parcel the other day. It was the first package of items we had received from our amazon wish list.
Thank you so much to the sender Sarah Loney.
I'm afraid there was no address included for us to thank you, so hopefully you will see this, it was so kind of you. X

12th September

Food Donation Bin Morrisons Thamesmead.

We went to empty our food donation bin in Morrisons Thamesmead yesterday. The bin was almost over flowing.
Thank you so much to everyone who donated dog food, treats and toys.

5th September.

We had a lovely day at Pup Aid. Thank you Denise Yates for your kind card and donation. As requested, we got the dogs some treats.


 Summer 2016

We have had a fantastic summer. The dogs have been enjoying playing out as much as possible and the cats have loved lazing around in the summer sun. This year we put up a greenhouse where we have started to grow cat mint for the cats and vegetables for ourselves and for the resident tortoise merv.


Fun Dog Show 

We had a great day at a dog show down in Hastings organised by our friend Nat at the Summerfields gymnastics club. £100.00 was kindly donated to the sanctuary from the proceeds of the day.



It is with a very heavy heart that we sadly had to say goodbye to the lovely Lily.


Since her arrival at the sanctuary, Lily did so well. She gained weight and her hair grew back into a beautiful thick coat. She loved her walks and playing with her toys in the garden. Sadly Lily developed cancer. An operation was performed to try to remove the cancer and we thought she was recovering but she lost the use of her back legs. A dog wheelchair was ready and waiting here for her but she found it  too painful to use. As we have experienced, some dogs take to disability and cope with the loss of mobility and others (like Lily) do not. In the end, Lily couldn't stand without assistance, we could see this was making her unhappy and the sad decision was made to let her go.

Run free over the rainbow bridge Lily. With love from all of us here. x 


March 23rd 2014

We had a great day at the Manston & District K9 Society fun dog show.
Poppy & Jasper had lots of fun and both did really well. The show had a Spring theme with various fancy dress classes. Here are Poppy and Jasper in their costumes with their 1st Place Rosettes


Poppy in her Spring Dog Coat




Jasper in his Spring Fancy Dress

 They also won rosettes for waggiest tail, best short coat, spring collar and lead, judges choice and prettiest bitch.

 Other rosettes from today.

Manston and District K9 society fun dog show nr Deal.

We will be taking a couple of the resident dogs along to the fun dog show at manston today. The show has a spring theme and there are 33 classes to show your dog. we will keep you posted to let you know how our doggies do later and will take plenty of photos.


October 2013

We are currently working on updating our online shop. We have a great assortment of dog collars, leads, jumpers and much more. We will announce the re opening shortly



 Please meet Lily


This is Lily an elderly street dog from Romania. We heard a very sad story that Lily had lived on the streets her entire life and had recently been taken in by a fosterer. Sadly the fosterer could no longer care for Lily and she was due to be retuned to  the streets.

We arranged for Lily to come and stay with us here at the sanctuary. Lily arrived shaved and not in the best condition. Her teeth were in a terrible state so a full dental was needed asap.

Update on Maya

As our supporters are aware, earlier this year we took in a little paralyzed dog called Maya. We held a fund raiser to help us pay the transportation fees to get her here from Romania and to provide Maya with a doggie wheelchair.

Mayas progress was amazing. She attended regular sessions at hydro therapy and was showing real signs of improvement in her movement. We managed to get Maya a wheelchair (which she took to so well).

Sadly as Maya's health improved and her confidence grew, we noticed that she was starting to behave aggressively towards some of the other dogs. There was nothing we put it down to apart from her establishing her place in our pack and kept her meetings with other dogs closely supervised.

Unfortunately, Maya's aggression worsened, resulting in her hurting another resident dog. Her attack was radom an unprovoked. For us to work on this issue with Maya would mean for us to keep her separated. The only space we would have had to separate her would be to place her in a dog crate as it would be the only way to ensure everyone's safety. Although we understand that many rescues use this method, we do not think it is fair, especially on a dog with disabilities. We have decided that Maya may be more comfortable in an environment where she doesn't have to share her home with other small dogs.

Our decision has been an extremely difficult one to make as everyone that knows her loves her very much. It was based on the fact that we have to think of the safety of the smaller dogs here and for Mayas safety as if she were to attack a larger dog, she too may be hurt.

Maya will be moving to a wonderful rescue run by friends of ours. she will have a fantastic home, acres of safe outside space to play in and have carers on hand that are experienced in dogs with disabilities.  Thank you to everyone that helped us provide the very best for Maya whilst she was here with us. Maya is due to move to the other rescue on 12th October.


RIP Jack 

Our lovely little old man Yorkie Jack has sadly passed away. His carer Kelly informed us that Jack had passed away in his sleep. Thank you Kelly for caring for Jack, we know you loved him as much as we did. Rest in peace little man xx


 Summer Show Fun

Over the past few months we have been taking some of the dogs to fun dog shows. It has been a great way to socialise the dogs and to help support other rescues and organisations. We have all made some great new friends including Brian and his dog Benny and have had a fantastic time. The dogs have even picked up a few rosettes along the way which they are very proud of.

Companion Dog Show

We will be attending the Dog Show at Lockmeadow Market, Hart Street, Maidstone, kent, ME16 8LW. Come down and say hello and meet some of the rescue dogs. Sunday 30th September.



July 2012

Danson Show Welling Kent

We had a fantastic time at Danson show. Although the weather was not great, we spent two whole days at the event. We took along Jack the little yorkie and as a result, he may finally have found a new home

There were some amazing doggie people at the show. It was great to meet Jane at Ollie & Mo. She sells a wonderful range of pet products (please see our links page). We are SO proud to announce our resident dog Weable took his Bronze good citizen award at the show and passed with flying colours.

Thank you everyone for making our weekend so fantastic and a special thank you to Jane at Ollie & Mo for her very kind donation to the Maya's Wheels Appeal.



June 2012

Fun Dog Show in Leatherhead. 
A great day handing out flyers to raise awareness of the Maya's Wheels Appeal & for our Lily who needs a new home. Charlie our sanctuary dog won a 2nd place in Best Oldie :)   Met some great people and one kind lady with a dog called Pepsi made a donation to the rescue. Thank you x

Yesterday we attended the RSPCA fun dog show at Leybourne. There was an amazing amount of dogs at the show, most classes were very busy. We had a great time talking to a lot of people about All Dogs Rescue and the sanctuary dogs. Two of the dogs went into the competitions and were lucky enough to win rosettes. We are very proud of them.




We are very happy to announce the arrival of Maya in July. Maya is a little paralyzed female dog coming to us all the way from Romania. We are running a special Maya's Wheels Appeal to raise money for a much needed dog wheelchair. If you would like to contribute towards the appeal. Please go to our SPECIAL APPEAL page.



May 2012


Yesterday we were very busy packing up parcels of dog and cat food in to be sent to Romania. Today Action Aid For Animals came to collect the donations and get them on their way


  I would just like to give a special mention and a BIG Thank You to Joyce for her continued support. To date Joyce has sent in a large amount of doggy jumpers both for the dogs in our care and for us to auction on ebay. As with a lot of knitters, Joyce suffers from arthritis in her hands and knitting is not easy for her. Once a gain, a big thank you Joyce

from Lisa & Animals here at All Dogs xx




November 5th BONFIRE NIGHT!!!


As i am sure most dog owners are aware, Bonfire night can be a terribly frightening time for your dog. We have put together a few heplful hints and tips for keeping your dog safe and calm:

Signs of stress

The first thing to do if you are concerned about your dog's reaction to fireworks is to watch him for signs of stress and anxiety. These can include

Trembling, restlessness, shaking, destructiveness, barking, howling, whining, loss of house training, hiding, pacing, panting.


What you can do:

  1. Making sure his environment is safe and that he cannot escape.
  2. Ensuring he always wear a collar and disk - just in case of a successful escape attempt.
  3. Trying to ignore any signs of restlessness and stress and rewarding any calm, relaxed behaviour.
  4. Preparing a "den" for him, away from windows.
  5. Covering a table with a blanket or placing his bed behind a sofa where he will feel safe, secure and comfortable. There are a number of things you can do to help relax your dog.

    keeping your dog calm:

    There are a number of things you can do to help relax your dog.

     Inside the house, put on some calm music or the television at a sensible volume, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Animals, especially dogs, have a strong sense of how people are feeling, so you must remain calm yourself.

    If you cuddle your dog or make an extra fuss of him, he may get the impression that he is right to be scared, making him more distressed. If your dog or cat tries to run away and hide in the house at the sound of fireworks, let him. Holding onto the him will most likely make it more distressed.

 What not to do

We would advise you never to:

  • Let your dog go outside when fireworks are sounding, even if he shows no signs of stress.
  • Exercise or walk him when fireworks are likely.
  • Punish your dog for being frightened.
  • Leave him alone during the firework period.
  • Fuss or try and reassure your dog when he is frightened, as this rewards the fear behaviour and will encourage him to repeat it.
  • Take your dog to a firework display.

Calming Medications:

 There are a number of calming medications that your vet can prescribe a very anxious dog. if you feel your dog would be helped in this way, please seek further advice form your vet. Please note: some medications may need to be taken a few days prior to the feared event for full effect.



 October 2011

Christmas Stock is here

We are pleased to announce that we are due to start selling our Christmas gifts on ebay next week. We have a range of pet toys, pet gifts, general gifts and of course, some of the lovey dog jumpers that were sent into our Easter 2011 Knitting competition.  Please go to ebay and look for seller id alldogsrescue



June 2011


As some of you already know, we started a major project 2 months ago to re house our population of resident cats we have here at All Dogs. Our aim was to give them more space inside and out.

After much planning we got to work trying to source materials for the job. We had an excellent response to people on Freecycle with offers of paving slabs to create the floor in the run. We were dreading the expense of the wall panels as we knew it wouldn't be cheap. we found a company that were reasonable that promised delivery within 2 days. 2 days turned into 3 weeks! we chased the company only to be given false promises. after many phone calls we were eventually told we would have to wait yet another 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!

 At this point we decided to look elsewhere and found a great company called Tolvi. They completely saved the day and had the panels out to us in a matter of a couple of days.

The build is almost complete now but, as with most DIY projects it is taking 3 times longer that expected, but we are working very hard every spare minute to complete it.

The cats have now moved in and are loving the extra space they now have. AC & DC (the white fluffy twins) spend hours sunbathing, rolling about on their backs and being as vocal as they possibly can :)

we will of course upload pics of the cat enclosure when completed, but at this stage we just wanted to say  A BIG thank you to all of our volunteer work force, anyone on freecycle that has donated materials and especially Tolvi for saving the project so much time.

June 2011

we are proud to announce the winners of our knitting competition.

when we first advertised the competition we never imagined it would be so popular. it was hard to keep up with posting the amount of patterns requested on a day to day basis but we got there.

After a week or so the jumpers started rolling in. we had over 200 amazing creations sent in from our talented All Dogs Supporters, from all over the UK and even from Australia.

After many requests for a crochet pattern we decided to have a category just for our crochet fans. This proved to be extremely popular. we had many clubs and organisations of crochet circles getting involved. Judging the competition took place over the long Easter weekend. after a full day of difficult decision making we are very pleased to announce the following winners.

Knitting Category

in reverse order

3rd place ........................  Susanna Landais from Aberdeenshire With a lovely striped jumper, Beautifully modelled by one of our resident dog Weable.


 2nd Place........................  Maria Carney form Houghton Le Spring
with a gorgeous Heart detail jumper modelled here by Hattie

Back view

and the winner in 1st place with a classic fisherman's style jumper with rope twist design modelled here by Poppy is..........................


 WINNER   Natasha Wilkins from Southampton


 Crochet Category

in reverse order

Joint 3rd place..........Jean Burton from Greenock with a pretty glittering red jumper modelled by Poppy

& Mary Wallace form Glasgow with a very well made mixed green jumper
modelled by Weable.


2nd place..................Meolody Schripper from Hampshire with this fantastic coat and matching bag, modelled here by Poppy

and the winner in 1st place with this absolutely gorgeous and very well made dog jumper in cream with multi coloured flowers, modelled by Weable is......... 


WINNER Tracy Lawson From South Staffordshire


The jumpers will be either worn by the dogs in our care or auctioned later this year on our ebay pages. Any funds raised by their sales will be contributed to vital vet care for the dogs. 

We would like to thank all of the entrants for their hard work and imagination in creating the wonderful dog jumpers. We had so much fun being involved in the competition and hope you enjoyed it too. Due to the popularity of this competition and after many enquiries as to when the next one will be held, we are planning another later this year for around Christmas & will announce it on ebay and here on our site nearer the time.


Competition announcement delays due to some very Sad News :(

We are so sorry for the delay in getting the winners of the Knitting competition announced here on the site.

Sadly over the Competition judging period we lost one of our beloved long term special needs dogs named Baby. Baby passed away very suddenly from a seizure after suffering with epilepsy for many years.

This was obviously devastating enough but was unbelievably followed by the sudden death of our resident special needs cat Tippy and within a week our gorgeous sponsor dog midge passed away.

Midge was very elderly and passed away due to his heart failing. He passed very peacefully .we are so sad to bring you this news as We know you all loved these animals as much as we did as both Baby & Midge had many supporters online. Thank you for all of you that cared & helped these animals.

RIP Baby, Midge & Tippy our angles.




 As you all know, we have been running a knitting competition on ebay and on our site to enable us to collect much needed doggy jumpers for our elderly dogs. We had an amazing response and would like to thank all our followers , members and ebay customers for all their very hard work. The competition was judged on Good Friday. It was a very difficult process as the quality of the jumpers was fantastic.

we will be listing the winners and runners up at the end of this week so stay tuned :)

 September 2010

It's that time again... CALLING ALL KNITTERS!!!!

would you like to knit for us to help us raise money for the animals at All Dogs Rescue? then read on.... we are looking for volunteers to knit jumpers for us to sell in out online shop. If you have the time and the skills, we can provide you with wool and patterns. each doggy jumper sold helps us to pay for much needed medication for some of the permanent residents here as well as conrtibuting to the costs of running the rescue. To speak to someone about becoming a knitting volunteer, please call 0208 331 5057 or email us at the info@ address


 June 2010

Thank you to everyone who is supporting our ebay shop. We are so glad you are happy with your purchases and hope you shop again with us soon.  


 May 2010

 Our Ebay shop is now busier than ever.
To be linked to the shop, please press the
ebay logo




Just a note to say THANK YOU so much to all of the people who supported us at the Animal Aid Christmas without Cruelty Fair last Sunday.

Animal Aid was our very first event. We had a great time and it was so lovely to meet so many like minded people. Congratulations to ALF for getting in this year, well done guys, you deserve to be there.

A HUGE thank you to our friends Romania Animal Aid who we shared our stand with. We couldn't have done it without you. xx


We had some fantastic Raffle prizes donated prior to the event. The raffle was a great success with the vegan wine, Christmas cake, and CD Player on offer. All Winners have now been contacted.

A special thank you to Geoff & Bill who donated the star prizes and to Liz Cooper who wishes to kindly  re donate her prize for a future raffle. Thank you to all of the family and friends who turned up to help and support us.

We had such a great time and will be back next year for certain.


December 6th

10am - 5pm at Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 (opposite High Street Kensington tube station).
OVER 80 STANDS all promoting charities, campaign groups and ethical traders who are trying to make a real difference in the world. Have a wonderful shopping spree safe in the knowledge that no products have been tested on animals or include any animal ingredients.

COME ALONG AND SEE OUR STAND we will be selling many doggie gifts or why not SPONSOR ONE OF OUR DOGS just for yourself or as a great CHRISTMAS GIFT. we will be positioned in the LOWER FOYER.

November.......NEW EBAY PAGE

!!!!!!!!!!!!!DOG JUMPERS ON EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our ebay page selling a lovely assortment of doggie jumpers. There is something for every pooch in a whole range of colours. We are offering the buyer of every jumper sold the opportunity of making their dog a STAR. If you purchase a jumper from our ebay page and send us a photo of your lucky dog wearing his/her new cozy jumper, we will feature the photograph on this website along with your dogs name.



Emily is a 13 year old Pekinese.       



Doris the cairn looking  smart          

Other Items.... From time to time we will be selling other items on the site. Look out for the lovely dog collars coming soon.


19th September....Weald Of Kent Ploughing Match

A fun day out. with many stands including a great cider stall. The All Dogs doggies had a wander about and met lots of little Jacks. Highlight of the day was the terrier racing. A fun race where terriers chase down a little track after a fluffy faux lure. Sadly none of our lot entered as we may still be waiting for them to finish the race now ;). Next time though maybe! with our own little 3 legged jack (Molly) becoming quite a fast little lady, the seasoned pros may just be in for a bit of competition. A big thank you to all who took one of our leaflets  



July 2009 ..........ORADEA ZOO ANIMAL UPDATE


Since our return from Romania a number of the volunteers have been very busy contacting Wildlife Centers and Safari parks worldwide in an attempt to re house these animals into better conditions. I am happy to announce that a large number of the Wolves and Lions form Oradea Zoo will be coming to the UK in September to a new Sanctuary. Further details of how many and the details of the sanctuary will be added shortly. The animals that remain in Oradea Zoo will be neutered to stop the breeding problem and the sick will receive ongoing veterinary treatment .


July 2009..Romania Update
I am so sorry for the delay in reporting back on our recent trip to Romania. We returned to an enormous back log of calls & emails but are now FINALLY back on top of things.

The purpose of the trip was to learn about a new approach to the street dog problems of Romania. The system they have in Oradea is wonderful and the city only has 10% of the number of street dogs that it did 5 years ago.

On the first day of our trip we visited the SOS Dog's Shelter in Oradea. The shelter had over 200 stay dogs looking for homes. Although the set up is completely different from most UK rescues, the dogs seemed happy in their environment. Most dogs shared large enclosures with only the sick or pregnant dogs in kennels. It was heart breaking to see the faces of the numerous puppies, some looked so weak.

Luckily the pups get adopted by the locals but sadly some of the older dogs have been at the shelter a long time.

The second day we met up with the other volunteers attending the programme from PETA, Dogs Trust, along with vets and other people involved in animal welfare from Holland and Turkey. Our first stop was at the SOS Dog's Open shelter.

The purpose of this shelter is to keep the stray dogs out of the towns and villages and to let them live in a free environment. The open shelter is a huge area of land (approximately 47 hectares)  owned by one of the SOS Volunteers. The dogs are not fenced in, they are free to come and go from this area as they please, but choose not to as they receive food there. All of the dogs that come into this area are neutered by SOS dogs. Most of the dogs here didn't do well at the Oradea shelter in smaller enclosures and are classed as un re homable, but here they are happy, free roaming and friendly. There are currently approximately 200 dogs at the open shelter.


it was truly amazing to walk amongst these dogs to see them running and playing so happily.

after a long walk to and around the grounds we headed back for lunch prepared for us by the SOS volunteers. One little dog (who we named Bear) followed us for 4 miles to where we had lunch, rested for a whil and then made the 4 mile walk back to her companions. It was as if she wanted to make sure we all got there safely. She was gorgeous.

NOT "JUST" Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later that day we visited Oradea Zoo. The Zoo has had problems with its animal housing for a long time. Now however, under new management, they are seeking help with this situation. It was very sad. The animals were all stood on concrete in over crowded cages. Some of the animals looked very distressed and some looked like they had given up all hope. The Zoo has had problems with the animals breeding. The continual supply of baby animals has filled already cramped conditions to breaking point. A few of the animals were sick and hardly any were neutered. Some of the animals have been at the Zoo their entire lives. We were all very saddened to learn of the resident Tiger now aged 22, who has never known space or freedom.We were shocked to see so many domestic animals at the zoo and other species being kept in cages, like Pigeons. There was also a lonely fox in a cage all by himself.

PLEASE NOTE:- You may find some of the following images disturbing!!

The cramped conditions, Lions

On our last day we visited the Oradea Dog Show held by SOS Dogs. It was a hot day but lots of people turned up with their dogs. There were many classes which included musical mats (like musical chairs for dogs) and Best 6 legs (which owners legs were most like their dogs). We judged the classes alongside volunteers form The Dogs Trust. Everyone had a great day and 6 dogs were adopted from the shelter by people attending the show.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers at SOS Dogs and The manager of Oradea Zoo for their hospitality. Thank you also to Team Oradea 2009 for your dedication to improving the lives of the Zoo Animals. It was great to meet you all & we hope to see you next time.

We are looking forward to visiting Romania again soon.


JUNE 2009.........Romania

We are very excited to announce that we will be attending the Oradea dog show in Romania. A couple of our volunteers will be going to Oradea to work at the SOS Dogs Oradea shelter to lend a helping hand and gain valuable experience about how a Romanian dog shelter is run.

We will keep you posted with plenty of pictures and updates .


April 2009

On April 4th We attended the Scruffs dog show in Westminster. The sun was shining and there was a great turn out of people with their dogs. 


There were 6 classes Ms Diva, Mr Slick, Most like it's owner ,Best Veteran ,Little but Large & Best Behaved Staffie

We entered one of the All Dog's doggies into the Little But Large class and are very proud to say she won 1st Place. Here is Little Moonpig, looking very pleased with herself.

A big thank you to Mr Cliff Wilton of South Westminster Renewal Partnership for organising such a great event.

We hope there will be another one in 2010