This is Benny. He is thirteen years old. I re-homed Benny around four years ago.
He is a cross Yorkshire terrier/jack russell, and he definitely has the cheeky
personality of a terrier!
Benny doesn't care how i look or that I'm ill, none of that matters to him. Benny, and all dogs, love us regardless, they love us for who we are. Its unconditional love.
If you have ever had the love of an animal, then your life has been truly blessed.
To be honest, we rescued each other, and our lives are wonderful because of it.
Benny has lit up my life, and i want to be with Benny forever.
This little man really is my whole world



 Kobi & Milli

This is Kobi and Milli, gorgeous little Shih Tzus. This cute pair have sponsored Kim the Shih Tzu. This is a photo of the babies after dinner time. A big thank you to Kobi, Milli and mummy Kerry for helping out little man Kim


 Following our appeal to help Rory the Saluki, we have had some lovely Saluki fans get in touch to help.

 Finlay                                                    Ruairi


 Both Finlay and Ruairi are much loved Salukis belonging to David.

Boo & Sonny

Here are Boo & Sonny, rescue cats who live with their adopted mum and dad in North London. Little Boo was rescued from a local shelter after she was abandoned by her previous owner while Sonny was adopted as a kitten who was part of an unwanted litter.
Boo & Sonny's mum is a dedicated rescue volunteer devoting her life to rescuing dogs in Romania & the UK


Hi,they call me Smeagol, but i consider myself "The Boss".
I'm a willful, stubborn Jack Russell but i do have a softer side too.
My mum is into helping out rescues by collecting and sending donations. She also does home checks. I've also had to put up with the odd intrusion when fostering. Mum keeps threatening to bring home another dogs FOR GOOD! but no way Jose', well not unless it's a Mrs Russell.

Hi my name is Lady.
In December 2008 I was going to be PTS, but this nice lady From Alfie's, came and picked me up and took me to her home. I settled into a nice cozy basket, and to be honest I didn't want to move much. I just wanted to stay in this cozy bed. I thought i'd get over looked as i am a little older but....a lady and man came to visit me. they stroked me and talked to me. i thought they would leave but they produced a lead and took me with them. i was settled in a warm cozy home, the first i had had for months.
I have now been with this nice man for 4 months, and I go wherever he goes apart from when he goes to work, then I am with the nice lady, but I long for my daddy to come home, and I greet him with kisses and a little play dance every night.

Doris The Cairn with Ethel             Doris with Algy


This is Doris (A Blind Rescue Cairn) & Ethel her friend. Doris and Ethel share their home with Algy (a rescued Pug) and Toby the cat.



All 4 are gorgeous and are very lucky to live with a very caring mum & dad. Karen & Simon (mum & dad) are exceptional adoptees who were happy to take on both rescues even though they had existing health problems.
Well Done guys :)