After working for other animal charities and being criticised for wanting to help every type of dog, we knew something had to change.

If these charities turned dogs away as they were going to cost them too much money, where did the elderly, sick, blind and special needs dogs go?

After doing some research, we realised that safe havens for these special animals were hard to find and All Dogs Rescue was born.

Initially we re homed dogs as well as offering a few sanctuary status. Over the years we found ourselves with more and more unrehomable dogs and decided we would concentrate our efforts to caring just for them.



We have a number of dogs in our care that (for one reason or another) are unrehomable. Some have just been rejected by owners so many times that it would be damaging to their mental health to be moved again. Some have on going health issues such as kidney failure and some are here as they need support with behavioural issues.

The animals in our care are offered support for life

We are dedicated volunteers who are here to care for the dogs 24/7 offering love, care and medical support.

We are passionate about helping the dogs that others have failed to help.