Facebook Online Pet Show Starting June 1st 







All animals are welcome, not just dogs and cats. The show is open to young and old, pedigree or crossbreed, big and small.

 We have 22 fantastic fun classes to enter. Each class will be judged by an independent judge (not associated to the show or the rescue).

Photos will be judged on their content & NOT their quality. You don't need to be super talented with a camera. We would just like you to send in photos of your much loved pets that you love or that make you smile.


ALL proceeds form the show will go directly towards providing care for the animals at the rescue.



1.   Cutest Puppy
2.   Prettiest Girl
3.   Most Handsome Male
4.   Make US Laugh (Funny Photos of your Dog)
5.   Best Buddies (your dog with his animal or human friend)
6    Best Nose
7.   Fancy Dress Summer theme
8.   Action Shot (your dog being active)
9.   Best Smile (your dog showing his/her teeth)
10  Best Ears
11. Best Rescue
12. Best Crossbreed
13. Best Pedigree
14. Best Group (your dog with it's family either animal or human)
15. Big & Gorgeous (for medium to large breed dogs)
16. Small & Lovely (small sized dogs only)
17. Best Veteran (Dogs aged 7 years + )
18. Best Other Pet (any other pet except dogs & Cats)
19. Best Cat
20. Most Appealing Eyes
21. Sleeping Dog (your dog sleeping or resting)
22. Splash (your dog having fun in water bath, river, sea etc)




£1.50 per photo per class OR 4 x photos for £5.00

You can enter as many photos and classes as you like.



we have some beautiful rosettes for the show.

Rosettes will be given for places 1st to 6th in each class.



Entering the show is easy, all you need to do is..

Visit our facebook Online Pet Show page and have a look at the classes.

Decide which class/classes you would like to enter

Send us your photo/s via message telling us the name of your pet and which class/classes you would like to enter.

All you need to do then is make your payment via Paypal.

When paying PLEASE ensure you send it as to Friends or Family, otherwise money will be deducted by paypal.

please include a brief message with  your dogs name so we know which entry  the payment is for 

 If you do not have access to Facebook, you can email your entry to alldogsrescue@rocketmail.com



*Photos will not be entered until full payment is received.

*You may enter the same photo into multiple classes, but each will be counted as a separate entry and must be paid for.

*You may enter as many photos as you wish into each class  but each photo will be counted as a separate entry and must be paid for.

*Rosette winners will be asked a small contribution towards postage to ensure all donations for the show go to the rescue. 

1 - 2 rosettes =76p

3-4  rosettes= £1.22

5+ rosettes = £2.82 



 Show Sponsors 

                                                             Glamour Paws



Class Sponsors

Class1, 6, 9& 13                                      Class 4.


Class 3.                                                  classes 4 & 21                                                              


Class 5.

Maisies Adventures                                Class 7. Robyn Lithgoe       Class 8. 


Class 10.                                                      Classes 11 & 16



Classes 12 & 20                                   Class.14



Classes 15 & 18.                                         Class 17.                                                        Class 22.