That's right!

Way back before we became a sanctuary, we used to rescue and re home cats as well as dogs. As time went on we found ourselves with a number of cats that were proving to be un-rehomable.

Some had suspected FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Disease), others had disabilities or behavioural issues. We couldn't take in any more cats as we had no more space, so decided to concentrate on the special cats we had in our care and to continue to rescue and re home dogs.


The name All Dogs Rescue was born as we were one of the rare rescues that really would help all dogs. Not just the young, pretty and able bodied ones.

We continued to re home dogs with great success, but so many special needs dogs wanted to come into rescue and nobody wanted to offer them a home. Feeling their plight, we decided there had to be a place for these special animals, so we became one.

We evolved into a sanctuary for elderly, frail and special needs dogs.


We continue to offer spaces for dogs as and when we can, but foster space is hard to come by as the dogs we take in require life long care.

Our name really doesn't "say it all" unfortunately.

If it did we would be called All Dogs & some cats that were already in our care Sanctuary. No, not exactly catchy is it!

The cats here in our care are able to be sponsored. For as little as £15 as a ONE OFF PAYMENT, you could support a special cat for 1 year.